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We are ready to build awesome
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We are great at building Veeva CLM-based e-detailing experiences. We can help you plan, perfect or adapt your digital content for Veeva CLM. Our e-detailer developing skills are open for medical companies and agencies alike, and you all get the same exceptional service.

We develop for several e-detailing platforms, using a myriad of frameworks (Veeva, Agnitio, Presmate) so that each presentation fits the exact needs of the end-user and you, our client.

We have completed more than 110 projects successfully in different e-detailer frameworks.

We are acertified Veeva CLM developer agency and we can create high-quality e-detailers.

Our certificates:

Veeva CLM Certified Agency Veeva Approved Email Certified Agency

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We follow the e-detailing standards and
best practices to create
accessible designs that are intuitive, effective and still gorgeous to look at.

Bayer - Veeva CLM


Bayer Aspirin Cardio Veeva e-detailer

Bayer - Veeva CLM


Bayer Nebido Veeva e-detailer

Bayer Hungary


Bayer Hungary - Berocca e-detailer

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We are working for worldwide for pharmaceutical companies and agencies as well.

Frequently asked questions

What does e-detailing entail?
E-detailing is the use of electronic, interactive media to facilitate sales presentations to physicians. The term includes everything from targeted emailing to live online product presentations. With e-detailing, companies can establish brand awareness, increase familiarity, and facilitate sales.
How much does a Veeva e-detailer cost?
In project management when it comes to price calculation we need to take into consideration several factors e.g. the quality of the input, the time spent on design, development and project management, the daily rates of the developers (depending on the complexity of the task), the parameters of the final destination environment, the incurring administrative costs (mailing), the monitoring and maintenance. In addition to these other collateral expenses can be charged such as the purchase of digital elements (pictures, videos, graphics), UX testing and fine tuning or other expenses. One of our strengths is price calculation. We strive to provide our customers with the most favourable pricing by combining the services most suitable for them.
How long does it take to create a Veeva CLM e-detailer?
One of the most important factors in the creation of Veeva e-detailers is the time spent on its development. This depends mainly on the complexity of the task. A simple presentation can be developed in a couple of weeks while it might take more time to develop a more complex system the full operation of which needs to be planned, tested and further optimized based on the test results. It all depends on smooth communication. By utilizing agile development methods, we endeavour to provide our customers with quickly accessible, ready-to-use product versions, thus making the development a continuous process. Speed is one of our most important strengths. We work fast but we never compromise quality for the sake of speed.
Do you have designers on staff?
Can I use an outside resource?
We have a qualified creative designer team enabling us to serve all the needs of our customers from design through development to monitoring the lifecycle of a product. Our designer team is aware of development needs, knows customer habits and has experience in UI/UX design making them the perfect choice for the smooth and cost-effective conduct of a project. If you still prefer to work with an external design agency, it is also possible. In this case it is important to establish a dialogue between the design agency and our creative team before the design phase to make sure that the design is created taking into consideration the parameters of the development. The establishment of this dialogue and task management are facilitated by our project managers.
How does the development process work?
As the first step of the development process we consult with our customers about their expectations. After that we prepare a quote, and once it has been accepted following a technical consultation we write a technological description, which describes the operation of the product in details. As soon as the technological description and the related time schedule are approved the development can be started. Designing and some programming phases can be done simultaneously. During the planning of the design we determine the most important aspects of UX, the main personality traits of future users and the series of steps they will take during the use of the application. Then the wireframe is created, which depicts the actual page layout in a schematic way. Once the wireframe is accepted the actual design phase can be launched. When the design is agreed to site building and then front-end development can commence. Back-end development and database creation can run in parallel with this. After the integration of the components we carry out a testing during which all the functions and displaying properties are checked. The process is closed by publishing and deployment.
What are the benefits of e-detailing?
This interactive media works to put content in front of the customer's eyes right at the moment they need it most. All sales reps need during the Face-to-Face interaction is an iPad with eDetailing software containing all of the content needed to create an engaging experience for the customer. And as the sales rep learns about the needs and preferences of the customer, they can share relevant product information and educational assets with them.
What type of content can you create for Veeva CLM?
We can create the content in Veeva in three different levels of complexity. Low complexity slides are basically static pages with graphic content. Medium complexity pages are animated pages, that look like an animated Powerpoint presentation with different kind of automated animations. High complexity pages are programmed pages, with special functions like games, interactive tests or embedded calculators.
What is Veeva CLM good for?
The Veeva CLM edetailer is an easy to use closed loop marketingtool for tailored sales calls and fast, accurate call recording. Because it is part of the rep’s workflow, digital sales materials are easy to access and share. Support for industry standard content formats means there are no limits on how creative you can be.

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